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In other news:

I think I might put holes in my ears this week.

I know I talked about it a long time ago and never got around to it, but whatever.

Poll time though.

Good idea or bad idea?

Posted 2 years ago with 12 notes
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  1. strawberryblondecat answered: good
  2. sleepypsychedelia answered: It depends, after I took my plugs out I never really wore earrings.
  3. nataliesnicket answered: put 6 holes in each. trust me.
  4. tallismymiddlename answered: Super gooood
  5. brokenstoked said: Good!
  6. crafty-in-the-city answered: depends.
  7. girlwitharock answered: doooo itttt
  8. lluciddream answered: bad
  9. equillen posted this